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Automatic biochemical analyzer works fas

Published:2013-07-11 11:34:22[Close]

   Various biochemical automatic analyzer according to the instrument's structural principle can be divided into a continuous flow (pipeline), discrete, centrifugal and dry piece four categories. A definition of automatic biochemical analyzer automatic biochemical analyzer, is to analyze the process of sampling, plus reagent, mix, heat reactions, and the results are calculated and displayed as well as automated cleaning steps biochemical analytical instruments. Because high degree of automation and has a calibration, automatic calibration function, so subjective and systematic errors are relatively small, ease of use. Two working principle of automatic biochemical analyzer working principle is based on spectrophotometry. The basic measurement principle based on Beer's law. Automatic biochemical analyzer from a structural point of view, it contains the spectrophotometer main components: light source, monochromator f dispersion device), cuvette, detector, etc.; addition, it includes some unique biochemical analysis required . If sampling system, cleaning system, temperature control systems, software systems. Which are used for routine biochemical, special proteins and drug monitoring, such as testing, procedures varied, using computer control. Freely programmable, can be analyzed statistically. Some analyzer using chemically inert "liquid capsule technology (capsule chemistry technology)", the pilot project will analyze specimens or strict isolation to prevent cross-contamination. Three faults fast method for biochemical analyzer to check such large equipment, if you can figure out the machine works, for block search, to achieve fast fault investigation. 1) If you want to do to achieve the conditions quickly troubleshoot equipment failures, the first to grasp the principle: the second to have a complete set of maintenance procedures; Third Clinical engineers should have a strong sense of responsibility, the best in technology to ensure the maintenance data available . 2) for the biochemical analyzer function block now. Biochemical analyzer on the market, whether imported or domestically produced, although that may be used between different detection principle. But much the same basic modules, the most important is that this device circuit very few problems. So quick fixes likely. In general, a variety of biochemical analyzer hardware can be divided into three blocks: one optical system: the second is the distribution of the liquid delivery system; three is the temperature section. This system consists of three computers connected together via software editing parameter selection operation. So, there is a problem when the user first determine what the problem may appear in the system. Achieve rapid positioning. Generally, the circuit problem rarely occurs, the optical system and the multi-distribution system problems. Optical system light detector is generally closed, almost can not be demolished, but life is very long. Generally the most vulnerable part of the problem is from the bulb through the condenser through the cuvette lens adapter reactants to this section of the optical path. The most common is the bulb aging. In some devices, there will be insufficient light alarm, follow the prompts to help quickly locate content. Distribution system is relatively complicated. This part of the pipeline and more. Which can be subdivided into three modules: one reagent dispensing; Second, the sample distribution; third is clean. Specifically including pipelines, deionized water, vortex mixer, turntable, needle distribution, wash arm, the arm mechanism, injection pumps. This section may appear leak, sipper allowed, clogging pipes and pinhole problems. The length of time available pinhole cleaning program editing. Generally do strong acids and alkalis project, be sure to separate editing, the best of any other weak acid weak base project, forming a buffer, and the cleaning water quality is also very important. For water quality requirements are generally two or more reverse osmosis water, requiring water resistivity l MQ or more. Biochemical analyzer software features include three aspects: First, to provide users with the user interface, in order to achieve editing. Sample / reagent setting, project application, execution, and historical records of the results of the query output; second control instruments each part of the work, to achieve a variety of biochemical methods, and some auxiliary functions, for a biochemical analysis apparatus, the degree of automation The higher the stronger instrument functionality; Third, analysis of the data processing and computing, such as patient information and raw data storage, test results summary report, runaway reports, quality control data mapping, QC retrospective inspection and analysis, quality controlled substance and QC data management. 3) after positioning. Take the appropriate treatment strategies based on the above analysis, the equipment can be aware of common faults, so maintenance is more handy. Can accelerate problem resolution. Exclude any kind of trouble, in fact, are hierarchical. One is from high to low, ie the previously mentioned principles and proceeding from the big advance of function block. Another is from low to high, from the most direct representation failure to proceed. There are some relatively simple problems, and many machines have error function, follow the prompts to find the point of failure can be directly. Issues such as the light source, if the lamp has been damaged, you can directly replace. No need for functional classification from start to finish, which requires engineers flexibility when dealing with specific issues. Positioning process, should make full use of the machine self-alarm information. However, sometimes the error message is not the direct cause of failure, but also based on specific principles for analysis. There is also a quick determination device software and hardware failure is based instrument repeatability of test results to determine the quality of the device is a software problem. Or the hardware itself problematic. If poor reproducibility, indicating that the machine may be a hardware problem; if the contrary, that the machine itself is no problem, you may want to re-edit technical documents. Four conclusions on a variety of medical equipment, particularly large equipment repair, and then we must understand the principles of maintenance, because they involve a wide range of all kinds of knowledge, so the functional block and localization process is the key to quick repairs. 

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