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Beckman biochemical analyzer troubleshoo

Published:2013-07-11 11:35:10[Close]

Beckman CX7 type biochemistry analyzer with detection speed, high degree of automation. CX7 type consists of two relatively independent detection systems (CX3 and CX4 some part) combination. Some of the more sleep now CX4 failure and troubleshooting methods are described below: reagent test error: CX4 part reagent injectors (detection) pin, made ??of metal pipes, plastic pipes, liquid level sensor. In the assay, the computer screen displays the following message: "Reagent level sene error", always considered to be caused by the reagent liquid bubbles, but bubbles to eliminate the fault still can not be excluded, it was found that due to the fixed end of the telescopic protective cover screw loose joints caused by poor access solution, tighten screw failure can be ruled out. Another kind of fault, the computer screen displays the following message: "VPPRESSED BL ABS HI", this situation is due to blockage caused by pipetting pinhole. Enter the maintenance procedures when handling, washing liquid rinse several times with a needle, the fault can be ruled out.

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