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CA1500-automatic coagulation analyzer tr

Published:2013-07-11 11:36:00[Close]

CA1500-automatic coagulation analyzer is a Japanese company to develop and produce SYSMEX automatic coagulation analyzer. Aircraft in use, mainly through the following two cases of typical faults, are presented below. Fault 1: mechanical gripper often insecure grasp or grab a cuvette, and in the process of adding the reagent mixing cups are often lost, namely the alarm: "catcher error" "catcher tube error". Troubleshooting: First enter the maintenance mode: In the "work list" menu under "1) No.Entry" submenu in turn enter "C" "9" "a" "0" to determine maintenance mode backward people in the "Main" menu under "service" sub-menu, enter "Mechaposting" adjust mechanical gripper at various points of the position adjustment is completed, do the samples, the fault persists and the fault phenomenon without any rules. And as long as the machine is a mechanical gripper alarm, it will interrupt all ongoing testing of blood samples, immediately shut down, so it is a waste of reagents and reaction cup. As the starting point of a series of mechanical action is completed there are multiple motors together, so basically ruled out multiple motors work simultaneously instability may, the problem should be out in a few motor-driven public portion. Suspected faulty, the control system sends to the motor pulse signal transmitted to the motor does not complete or there is an error control signal sent. The easiest place to start manually, check the cable. The mechanical gripper head shorter cable unplug the plug end with an alcohol wipe, just to re-insert and found that the plug end of the cable with a few lines for cracks. Fracture may be due to the cable with the mechanical grip of the mechanical movement and continuous curved like changes, a long time caused the broken cable, so often lost in a fixed position without control system sends to the stepper motor pulse signal , the deviation of the mechanical gripper movement, and sometimes uncertain position and in good contact, so sometimes can work, so the device working up good times and bad. Questions and cable are related, for line troubleshooting. Failure II: Reagent needle and needle samples striker phenomenon occurs in a different location, the alarm "Reagent (sample) probe crash". Troubleshooting: Boot do specimens found reagent and sample needle needle needle often partial and biased the needle very far away from the target, and sometimes even find a single location for flushing, alarm phenomenon without any rules. As the two problems at the same time the position of the needle by a failure to consider the issue of experience mainly in the two-pin common drive parts. According to the fault a repair process experience, reseating two-pin end of the control cable, found no breakage, do specimen failure remains. Open the top cover down, along the two-pin control cable found labeled "2137," the main circuit board and found it "Jll" ribbon cable plugs obviously loose. The reason may be in the installed capacity of the process, when the plug is not inserted into the slot in the end, one end of the clamp slot did not work, the plug ends discontinuity flat horizontal, over time, the plug shot out from the slot . Inserted after the boot, redo specimens, troubleshooting

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